Lamington Drive

By Ben McLaughlin

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This post is for Lee, who asked for a behind the scenes look. Here are a few progress pictures of how I put a strip together.

It is all digital, I draw on a Cintiq tablet thing, and do everything in Photoshop. I’m basicly trying to get as natural a look as I can, without drawing on paper with a pen.

As you can see, I didn’t really settle on the punchline dialog until I was actually drawing the last panel. I just write down as many options as I can think of, and then come back later and pick the one that seems to work best. I find it much easier to come up with a premise or situation, then to come up with some sort of punchline for the end of it!

Anyway, thanks for asking, Lee— I hope this satisfies the curiosity.

(Click on each image to read info caption)

#6 finished tonight. Click on comments link to enlarge image.

#5 finished tonight..

Strip #4, finished this morning.

Strip #3. Drew this up tonight.

..and #2

The first of hopefully many Lamington Drive strips. Henry and his big sister arrive at their new house in the sticks. drew this last year some time.

Some sketches of the Henry character from a while back

Some sketches of the Henry character from a while back